Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 02/06/2010


The sell off in the last couple of hours yesterday made sure that the Nifty breached the support of 200dma at 5004 and closed below that. The Nifty will have bearish implications as along as the Nifty remains below the 200dma.

Sensex Resistance 16625-16726-16827. Support 16494-16318-16187.

Nifty Resistance 5004-5027-5046. Support 4952-4908-4868.

Sell Tata Power 1255 SL 1264 Tgt 1233-1207.

Sell Bhushan Steel 1331 SL 1349 Tgt 1307-1284.

Sell Sail 198 SL 201 Tgt 194-189.

Sell RiL 1010 SL 1020 Tgt 994-981.

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