Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 05/03/2010


Yesterday the market took a breather but the mid-cap action was very strong. Market has gone from strength to strength but what surprises one and all is the speed at which the market has gone up. Hence some consolidation can be termed as healthy for the market.

Sensex Resistance 17077-17171-17290. Support 16888-16805-16721.

Nifty Resistance 5112-5152-5181. Support 5049-5018-4954.

Buy Titan 1867 SL 1848 Tgt 1889-1913.

Buy Bhushan Steel 1740 SL 1712 Tgt 1768-1790.

Buy Jindal Saw 207 SL 204 Tgt 213-219.

Buy Grasim 2790 SL 2760 Tgt 2823-2864.

Buy JsW 1159 SL 1142 Tgt 1179-1200.

Buy LiC Hsg 817 SL 803 Tgt 836-855.

Buy OFSS 2303 SL 2285 Tgt 2353-2405.

Buy Sintex 259 SL 254 Tgt 267-276.

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