Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 26/02/2010


Market is going into the budget very light and most of the positions of retail and HNI clients were not rolled over.

This time the market has very low expectations from the FM and the chances are if there are not much negative surprises, then we may see a strong rally and break the resistance zone of 4929-4951. Nifty will find strong support at around 4766-4675.

It is advisable to stay on the side lines for today as it will be very volatile and stop losses can be triggered very easily. Money saved is money earned.

Sensex Resistance 16329-16404-16552. Support 16167-16074-15982.

Nifty Resistance 4880-4912-4929-4951. Support 4833-4805-4766.

Buy Sesa Goa 380 SL 374 Tgt 388-396.

Buy Neyvelli Lig 157 SL 154 Tgt 161-165.

Buy Bhel 2377 SL 2359 Tgt 2410-2455.

Buy Glaxo 1722 SL 1702 Tgt 1740-1767.

Buy IDFC 152 SL 150 Tgt 157-161.

Buy Hindalco 153 SL 151 Tgt 157-161.

Buy Lupin 1497 SL 1470 Tgt 1521-1550.

Buy IRB 255 SL 251 Tgt 261-267.

Buy Idea 59.75 SL 58 Tgt 61.70 - 64.50.


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