Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 16/11/2009


Global markets are strong and should help our markets open higher. The market is poised for higher levels if the Nifty manages a close above 5036.

Sensex Resistance 17092-17195-17350. Support 16760-16666-16606.

Nifty Reistance 5036-5077-5110. Support 4973-4957-4924.

Buy Infosys 2359 SL 2332 Tgt 2389-2421.

Buy JsW Steel 896 SL 876 Tgt 929-951.

Buy IDFC 171 SL 166 Tgt 177-186.

Buy IDBI 128 SL 125 Tgt 133-137.

Buy FinTech 1403 SL 1373 Tgt 1445-1481.

Buy Engineers(I) 1459 SL 1420 Tgt 1501-1533-1631.

Buy Nag Const 168 SL 163 Tgt 174-181.

Buy Patni 505 SL 493 Tgt 521-545.

Buy Patel Engg 480 SL 471 Tgt 488-499.

Buy Siemens 558 SL 551 Tgt 571-590.


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