Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 17/09/2009


Nifty has a date with 5000 today. Book profits at higher levels as some selling can be expected at higher levels.

Sensex Resistance 16723-16975-17171. Support 16596-16545-16319..

Nifty Resistance 4974-5000-5070. Support 4931-4919-4890.

Buy Aban 1619 SL 1586 Tgt 1650-1694.

Buy EKC 218 SL 213 Tgt 225-233.

Buy Bajaj Hind 186 SL 181 Tgt 194-198.

Buy Balrampur Chini 124 SL 121 Tgt 128-133.

Buy JsW Steel 810 SL 782 Tgt 825-876.

Buy PNB 774 SL 764 Tgt 794-816.

Buy Arvind 37 SL 35 Tgt 41-44.

Buy ABB 795 SL 783 Tgt 807-821.

Buy GT Offshore 563 SL 552 Tgt 576-584.

Buy Torrent Power 271 SL 267 Tgt 277-286.

Buy MindTree 621 SL 608 Tgt 648-659.

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