Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 01/06/2009


Market looks strong and looks set to add more gains. Oil Marketing Cos and certain midcaps are showing good strength.

Sensex Resistance 14727-14930-15107. Support 14435-14319-14002.

Nifty Resistance 4488-4509-4558-4649. Support 4378-4340-4279.

Buy Fin Tech 1444 SL 1355 Tgt 1545-1638-1785.

Buy RiiL 1120 SL 1072 Tgt 1170-1248-1315.

Buy BemL 754 SL 724 Tgt 793-814.

Buy BeL 1340 SL 1300 Tgt 1395-1420.

Buy Nag Const 139 SL 133 Tgt 147-157.

Buy Chennai Petro 187 SL 176 Tgt 207-225.

Buy Unitech 79 SL 72 Tgt 86-94.

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