Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 13/08/2008
Market likely to be very volatile. Its best to trade light and weak hearted should stay away. The daily charts indicate weakness and going back to touch the neckline of Sensex and Nifty. But there are no major reversals seen from here. So be patient and stay away and let the market play its role today.
Sensex Resistance 15296-15335-15394. Support 15127-14986-14888-14765.
Nifty Resistance 4516-4599-4628. Support 4525-4498-4464-4369.
Buy Chambal Fert 86 SL 83.85 Tgt 91-94.
Buy Nag Fert 43 SL 42 Tgt 44.80-46.20.
Buy Oswal Chem 30.75 SL 29.65 Tgt 31.85-33.25.
Buy Guj Alkali 185 SL 181 Tgt 191-197.
Buy Jet Air 517 SL 508 Tgt 530-551.
Buy Arvind 37.90 SL 36.40 Tgt 40-41.
Buy Divis Lab 1534 SL 1490 Tgt 1555-1570.
Buy IRB Infra 162 SL 158 Tgt 168-171-175.
Buy Network18 202 SL 193 Tgt 214-218.
Buy Indian Bank 126 SL 122 Tgt 131-135.
Buy GMR Infra 110 SL 106 Tgt 114-118.
Buy Cairn 237 SL 234 Tgt 242-247-251.
Buy McDowell 1367 SL 1350 Tgt 1388-1410-1440.
Buy GHCL 81 SL 79 Tgt 84-86.
Buy Lokesh Machines 68 SL 65 Tgt 73-76.

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