Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 27/06/2008


Market went up on short covering yesterday, but if you had checked the Nifty future discount for the next month, you would have known that it is not for nothing that the Nifty futures trades for discount of more than 50 to 60 points. Please understand the FII's are continously selling. Dont be happy & jump by a rally for a day or two...remember this is a Bear Market and it is ferocious. Be scared and be SHORT.

Today Nifty has critical support at 4000 and Sensex at 13510. Markets will bounce from this level. Cover your short positions when the markets touch these levels.

Sensex Support 14196-13971-13731-13510. Resistance 14477-14519-14645.

Nifty Support 4145-4093-4000. Resistance 4333-4346-4369.

Sell Infosys 1785 SL 1810 Tgt 1759-1717-1695.

Sell Patni Comp 228 SL 233 Tgt 218-212.

Sell Reliance 2239 SL 2270 Tgt 2175-2156-2108.

Sell RCom 495 SL 508 Tgt 482-476.

Sell ONGC 871 SL 888 Tgt 835-822-795.

Sell Maruti 675 SL 691 Tgt 655-638.

Sell L&T 2357 SL 2374 Tgt 2311-2240.

Sell ICICI Bank 697 SL 705 Tgt 675-648.

Sell Hero Honda 719 SL 730 Tgt 678-663-650.

Sell HDFC Bank 1060 SL 1080 Tgt 1020-960.

Sell Bharti Airtel 769 SL 787 Tgt 741-730.

Sell Aban 3126 SL 3178 Tgt 3042-2945.

Sell IVR Prime 192 SL 203 Tgt 182-175.

Sell Bombay Rayon 307 SL 312 Tgt 291-276.

Sell Axis Bank 678 SL 691 Tgt 652-642.


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