Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 17/06/2008


Once again at the cost of souding repetitive, the market just returned from our resistance level. Our readers know when the market will turn by just focussing on our index levels.

Yesterday our recomendations of buying Nagarjuna Fert, Chambal Fert, Gail, Aban Lloyd, Aurobindo Pharma & Zuari achieved their targets. Sell recommendations of Suzlon and Karnataka Bank also did very well.

Volatility will be high today. Keep it simple, trade in stocks where you are confident and trade light.

Sensex Resistance 15485-15553-15681. Support 15314-15236-15038.

Nifty Resistance 4597-4617-4662. Support 4536-4491-4468.

Buy Crompton 264 SL 255 Tgt 274-279.

Buy NIIT Tech 145 SL 142 Tgt 150-155.

Buy Sun Pharma 1498 SL 1484 Tgt 1520-1536.

Buy Praj Ind 194 SL 184 Tgt 199-204.

Buy Biocon 488 SL 483 Tgt 494-499-525.

Buy Aurobindo Pharma 330 SL 319 Tgt 345-355.

Buy ABB 971 SL 960 Tgt 986-994.

Buy Rolta 305 SL 298 Tgt 312-317.

Buy Nectar Life 307 SL 299 Tgt 317-323.

Buy BAG Films 41 SL 40 Tgt 44.80-46.90.

Buy Vaibhav Gems 61 SL 57 Tgt 66-70.

Buy Punjab Chem 246 SL 241 Tgt 255-258.

Unitech above 203.50 will start showing strength and will try to reach 214-224.

Sell Suzlon 241 SL 248 Tgt 234-223.


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