Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 05/06/2008


Please refresh your memory when we had written in our weekly column that Nifty will crash and the target is 4769 and it has achieved that....!!!

Market has broken critical support level. Now Nifty will fall till 4497 in few days. So on every rise go short. There are no bulls. Please SELL ON EVERY RISE. SELL, SELL, SELL. Dont mistake one positive day as a turnaround day. Act smart and SELL on such RISE.

Many stocks recommended to go SHORT may take 3-4 trading sessions to achieve their targets. So plan your trades accordingly.

Sensex Support 15373-15332-15144-14988. Support 15709-15848-15992.

Nifty Support 4543-4528-4494. Resistance 4620-4656-4679-4801.

SELL HDFC Bank 1215 SL 1245 Tgt 1177-1165.

SELL RNRL 94 SL 97 Tgt 91-85.

SELL ABB 970 SL 994 Tgt 935-874.

SELL Bombay Dyeing 765 SL 780 Tgt 735-710.

SELL L&T 2756 SL 2793 Tgt 2662-2610.

SELL Maruti 746 SL 780 Tgt 720-700.

SELL TCS 956 SL 975 Tgt 938-923.

SELL Gail 371 SL 381 Tgt 360-337.

SELL RIL 2307 SL 2345 Tgt 2263-2231.

SELL Bharti 810 SL 842 Tgt 789-778-730.

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