Archives : DAILY MARKET OUTLOOK : 28/05/2008


Just see how the market reacted yesterday. We mentioned yesterday that the market will open UP, but will not sustain at higher levels and will end the day in favour of the bears. IT DID JUST THAT !!!

Market stopped at 4932 and took support at 4846 and our levels were 4932 and 4842.... Highly Accurate. Need we say more. Mint money as the market moves lower. Also our calls on selling Bajaj Hind, L&T, SBI and buying of Lanco, Suzlon, TCS, Bharti did very well.

Today market will try and bounce but sustainability at higher levels will be difficult. So sell at higher levels in the next month series.

Sensex Resistance 16386-16436-16506-16546. Support 16199-16164-15967-15869.

Nifty Resistance 4895-4918-4932-4970. Support 4833-4803-4781-4759.

Sell Century Text. 714 SL 724 Tgt 700-679.

Sell JP Associates 223 SL 233 Tgt 210-202-196.

Sell Bajaj Hind 191 SL 202 Tgt 186-183.

Sell L&T 2744 SL 2790 Tgt 2710-2610.

Sell Sun TV 321 SL 325 Tgt 314-306.

Sell Gitanjali Gems 292 SL 299 Tgt 283-275-267.

Buy Aban LLoyd 4063 SL 4010 Tgt 4127-4160-4280.

Buy I-Flex 1380 SL 1362 Tgt 1439-1462.

Buy Nalco 540 SL 532 Tgt 548-556.

Buy NIIT Ltd 103 SL 100 Tgt 108-112.

Buy Tulip IT 979 SL 965 Tgt 997-1010.

Buy Guj NRE Coke 152 SL 148 Tgt 160-165.

Buy Satyam 498 SL 193 Tgt 505-516.

Buy Mphasis BFL 227 SL 223 Tgt 232-240.

Buy Tata Chem 378 SL 370 Tgt 391-396.

Buy Chambal Fert 76 SL 73 Tgt 81-84.


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