Article : ASK JATIN 28/03/2008

 ASK JATIN 28/03/2008

Dear Sir,

I don’t know why, but I doubt that tips given by you are all internal planning i.e. one buys on Friday and it is given as tip on Monday in your article and till the time we are able to catch price, it falls below level, this means person who buys on Friday makes money and one who buys on Monday loses. Even these same tips are in gujarati janmabhumi mondays article. So just let me know about my thinking. I have Financial Tech @1795 what should I do and I am not in a position to buy more of FT.With Regards,

Bijal Saiya.

 JATIN Replies:

Hi Bijal,

Must congratulate you for the kind of guts you have shown in putting forward such a question. I must admit that, what you are experiencing is a painful thing as after you catch any stock, the stock price falls. Our recommendations are normally those stocks, which have great momentum. You must understand that in technical analysis, we find the resistance level (which is the target level) for the stock, in simple words, the stock will reach that level and it will find difficulty in crossing that level. So it is natural for a stock to come down after hitting a resistance and there is nothing intentional or planned. As a result, if you happen to buy the stock near the resistance or target level, then the chances are the stock may come down from there. Our recommendations are based on technical analysis and not on any internal news or any link with the operators as you have doubted. Our calls are given based on Friday’s closing rates. You have ample of opportunities as I give around 4 to 5 recommendations every week and majority of my readers have made lot of money.I take courses on technical analysis and a new batch starts this Saturday at Borivali. If interested you can also learn how I find out different scripts week after week, along with their targets and stoplosses. Also please note that my study is not only based on technical analysis but derivative analysis as well, which makes my recommendations successful most of the times and as a result the strike rate is above 90%. So please remove any negative thing from your mind as there is no internal planning involved, it is purely based on concept of technical analysis. So please try and understand the logic behind it, instead of just blaming. Be assured about this and if you are still not satisfied, then learn this art yourself by joining the technical analysis class starting this Saturday at Borivali. By the way I cannot comment on what and how Janmabhoomi gives its recommendations.Thanks and do keep writing in,


I am a regular reader of your article in INFORMED INVESTOR. I had attended the seminar last month at WTC. I had heard a lecture of Mr. Fakhri Sabuwala. In his lecture he had mentioned one script IKF TECHNOLOGY. I own some quantity and the price has fallen. I don’t know what to do? Sir I wanted to know the fundamental and future of this company. Would it be viable to purchase more quantity in this script with 1 to 2 yrs prospective? Kindly throw some light on this scrip. If there is no story can you advice me any script in 5 to 20 rupees range which has a good future.
Waiting for your reply.

Thank you,

Rahul Dedhia. 

JATIN Replies:

Yes Rahul,

It is nice to know that you attended the seminar at WTC. As far as IKF Technology is concerned, this company is into jathropa plantations. This is a source of alternate fuel. One must take into consideration the price of crude and the way it is rising. Almost over $100 per barrel, for emerging economies like India, this is a big addition to its energy cost, which makes new projects unviable. So the answer lies in alternate source of energy and IKF tech is into it.IKF Tech recently sought government leases for a total of 1,50,000 hectares of land in Swaziland,Mozambique and South Africa to cultivate jathropa to produce biofuel.This is a concept company, which will have to deliver the results to justify any substantial increase in its share price. The way crude prices are moving and the weakening dollar, suggest that higher crude prices are here to stay.



Hello Jatin Sir,

I am Ambica. Do you remember me? I spoke to you at Ask Jatin Live at WTC on Friday in January just before the market crashed. I am so grateful to you that you have saved so much money for me that I have no words to express my thanks to you. I have saved almost 70% of my portfolio value, just BECAUSE OF YOU. Last week, when you suggested that the market is near the bottom and you suggested to start buying, I bought and immediately I started reaping the benefits. I don’t know how to thank you, I don’t have any words. I am interested in learning this MAGIC done by u every week. I bought Bausch Chasis at 625 on Thursday; please guide me with the target for short term.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks,


JATIN Replies:

 Hi, it feels really refreshing reading your mail. I remember you very well. I feel happy that you were able to save money by following my advice. There is no magic involved; it is plain technical and derivative analysis. You also will be able to do this, once you learn technical analysis. I am starting a technical analysis batch from Saturday 29/03/2008. As far as Bausch Chasis is concerned, you have bought at good price since it is already at 717 and is around Rs.90 above your purchase price. This stock has given a breakout and the minimum target is 809, with minor resistance around 748. Keep stop loss of 694 and enjoy the ride.Regards,Jatin.
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