Article : ASK JATIN - 07/03/2008
ASK JATIN-07/03/2008 HI JATIN,I AM REGULAR READER OF YOUR COLUMN IN INFORMED INVESTOR AND SMARTINVESTMENT, ALWAYS FOLLOWING YOUR ADVICE. MY QUERY IS ON JAI CORP. I AM HOLDING THIS STOCK AND THE STOCK IS NOT PERFORMING AT ALL. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE OUT LOOK ON THE STOCK AND WHAT IS YOUR YEARLY TGT ON THE STOCK. PLEASE REPLY.THANKING YOU. ALPESH FURIYA. JATIN Replies:It is nice to know that you follow my articles in all papers. As far as Jai Corp is concerned, it is currently traded at 716. It has strong support at 665. It is correcting its entire rise from 73 to 1450. The corrective level is placed at 600. Thus it will get support in the 600 to 665 zone. On the higher side it will face resistance in the 770-794 and 959-978 zone. It will take some time to regain the old highs. Thanks,Jatin.  Hello Jatinbhai,
                      Let me first congratulate you for giving valuable advice to retail investors like us in the mysterious stock-market world.
                      Sir I am a regular reader of your column(front page) in  " Informed investor" along with "bluechip" and "smart". I must appreciate your analysis and contribution to society. I am holding 1000 shares of  Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills at 268 (B.S.E.CODE-530059). I am holding the scrip from September 2007. What are the short term (3 months) and medium term perspective (6-months) of this scrip. I can hold it maximum for next 5-6months.should I book loss or hold? Also guide whether buying more at the current price of 137 is advisable for lowering the average purchase price. Kindly guide me.
                      Eagerly awaiting your reply.
With regards,Vipul Shah. JATIN Replies:Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills has closed at 130. It has support at 119 and 99. On the higher side, it will face strong resistance around 164 and 184. Only when it closes above 184, can you expect your price. As far as averaging is concerned, it should be avoided as it still has to find a bottom.Thanks,Jatin.   Dear Sir,
Hi...How are you? I am a little busy with my daughters ICSE Exams.
This market has broken all the supports and has gone down below 16000 at 15960 and nifty trading below 4800.
Both the indices having broken their 200DMA and trading much below it.....Please tell me if we are in a Bear Market now. What is your feeling now? Where should this carnage stop and some sanity would return to the market?
Avni. JATIN Replies:

Dear Avni,

You are right, this is a bear market. This bear market is 8 week old. For the first time as we predicted we are facing a time wise correction in the last five years. In a bear market the rates keep on reducing over a period of time. The carnage on the D-street may stop but the old rates will be difficult to achieve in the short to medium term. The best thing you can do is buy shares where huge value is seen for the long term and you will reap the fruits over a period. All the best.Regards,Jatin.
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