Article : ASK JATIN - 08/02/2008

                                                         ASK JATIN- 08/02/2008 

Dear Jatin,

My portfolio consist of following scripts  Tata Power - Quantity :  150 shares. Hindalco     - Quantity : 200 shares.  I want to know that should I hold or sell above shares or should I shift to other growing shares?Kapil Thacker. 

JATIN Replies:

Dear Kapil,

Both Tata Power and Hindalco are good scripts. Presently they are trading way below their recent peaks because of the Big Market Correction. Tata Power has corrected from 1650 to 1040 levels and is consolidating in the 1000 to 1400 range. It is a good buy around the lower levels and one can hold for over a period of 6 to 12 months, then certainly one can expect 1800 to 2200 on this script. Hindalco has corrected from 221 to 140 levels and is finding the resistance zone of 160 to 193 very difficult to overcome. One can keep the stock or buy around 140 levels with a 12 months view to reap good benefits.But if your vision is for short term than once you can exit from the Scripts and can select any script from my weekly recommendations.



Dear Jatin,

I want to ask regarding Vishal Exports Buying price is rs3.70. Should I hold or exit.I can hold for long time.I bought RPL at the rate of 264 and 229 should I hold or book loss.I am looking for three to four months horizion.I want to invest sum of 50000, for the time period of 15-20 years please suggest me where can be nd


JATIN Replies: 

Hello Kalaynji,

Vishal Export has made the top of 6.15, from that top it has made a straight fall to 2.15. Right now again it has started giving some bounce. But it is better to shift from this kind of scripts to those scripts, which are fundamentally and technically strong. RPL-If your horizon is for three to four months than you should Hold the script. Technically there is a strong Resistance at the level of 192 if it crosses that level than the next Resistance will be 244. If market recovers than easily the script may cross its first level of resistance. Fundamentally the Script is very good. Probably by mid of the year 2008 Refinery is going to start. 15-20 Years is very long time Period to suggest any thing. Trends of the stock market and Economy depends on various Macro and Micro factors, which are uncertain for such a long time Period. Like for last 4-5 years Technology sector outperformed the market but one macro factor has changed i.e. rupee appreciation, which has made it underperformer in this bullish rally. So one thumb rule to invest for the long term, first ask yourself whether you can think about the company making good growth over a period of five years. Then ask yourself whether the company will remain in existence for over 20 years, if the answer is yes, then you can apply your fundamental analysis and select that company. 



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