Article : ASK JATIN 07/11/2008

ASK JATIN – 07/11/2008. 

Q: 1 

Dear Sir, 

I wonder seeing your recommendations in 'Informed Investor' week after week and have become a great fan of you. I have tried to communicate over phone but could not succeed. But I have a question. If I subscribe, can you give me the recommendation during market hours on Friday? It becomes very tough to act on your recommendations as the stocks almost dance as per your thoughts on Monday. Please give me details of your subscription charges and also state at which hours I can talk to you over phone. 

With regards,

Asish Kumar Jana

West Bengal 

JATIN Replies: 

Hi! Asish, 

Thanks for appreciating my efforts. All my analysis is based on technical and derivative analysis. We work hard for it, Stocks have to dance. I do take great efforts to give the right recommendations week after week so that small investors and traders who read my recommendations make good money all the time. It’s great to hear that my fans are increasing day by day. I am always available to my readers and fans. My phone is almost busy as I have lots of fans and reader like you, so please don’t be disheartened. Preferably you can call after market hours. As far as my services are concerned, I do give end of the day calls and also intraday calls. So for more details you can always get the details from me. I require blessings from all of my readers and followers as I believe that my success is only because of blessings of you all. 



 Q: 2 

Dear Jatin, 

I am a retired person aged 58 yr. I am trading in the market from last 10-12 yrs. Now I don’t want to take too much risk and want to invest for long term. I have heard a lot about you from the stock market people, and I also read your article regularly. Kindly suggest me some good stocks where I can get good returns. 

Ashok Desai.

JATIN Replies:

 Hello Mr. Desai, 

As you are retired, and you don’t want to take much risk, you can look at BLUECHIP Companies, which are presenting good opportunity to invest right now from a viewpoint of 2-3 yrs. Such companies are financially sound and they won’t be shut down. Right now they are available at good price to invest. 

You can to read my main article on the front page where we have recommended stocks like PTC, BHARTI SHIPYARD which are fundamentally sound and are available at throw away valuations and hence risk involved is limited. It is like ‘GOLD’ available at the price of ‘BRASS’.   But one caution, it will not be as if, you can enjoy a one way safe ride in these stocks, as this is the mother of all Bear markets. Your patience, determination to make money and knowledge about the companies and the market will be severely tested. So all the best. 

Thanks for writing in,


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