Article : ASK JATIN - 02/05/2008

                                    ASK JATIN – 02/05/2008.



Hello Jatin,


                Let me congratulate you for your guidance to small investors like us. I have been a regular reader of your columns for more than two years. Very few people are honest in their recommendations in this greedy stock market world.

                Sir I am holding 500 shares of Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills(BSE code 530059) at average price of 430 from october 2005 and 1000 shares of Ritesh Properties & Industries (BSE code 526407) from january 2008. Kindly guide me about the immediate and medium term prospects of holding, buying or selling the stocks.

                Also please indicate the fees and admission procedure for the CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME  ON  "TECHNICAL ANALYSIS" which starts 11th may 2008.Also please indicate whether there are any concessions for MBA students. Awaiting an early reply.



Hi Jatin,


             I am a regular reader of your column in informed investor for the last one year.

             Let me appreciate your efforts and congratulate you for the wonderful job of guiding retail investors like us. I can certainly say that retail investors who doesn't have expertise in Stock Markets can follow your path to safely make money.


Sir, I am holding 1000 shares each of Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills (BSE-530059) bought at 420 in Sept 2005 and Ritesh Properties and Industries (BSE-526407) bought at 138 in jan 2008. Kindly give me the short and medium term prospects of these scripts. Also kindly indicate around what levels and approximately when can I get an opportunity to exit.            

I however firmly believe that losing or making money is one's own destiny and no one should be ever blamed for loss. An expert advice from a professional lilke you will be immensely appreciated.

Awaiting an early reply.

Warm Regards,


JATIN Replies:

Hi both Manisha & Nikita,

It is for the first time two queries regarding two stocks are coming from two different persons. The stocks in question have also been bought at nearly the same prices and at the same time. I am wondering, whether both of you are friends and are stuck in the same boat.

Anyway, Maharaja Umaid Mills, which closed at 150, is trying to move up and will face strong resistance around 180. On close above 180, the target will be 206. Strong support exists at 130.

Ritesh Properties, which closed at 106, is already in a strong upmove and the technicals for this stock are very strong. It is headed towards a target of 127. Strong support exists at 90. Below that the strong support zone is 74-77.

Well Manisha, you are pursuing your MBA course and I assume your friend Nikita might too be following suit. It defies logic how come both of you fell for such suspect companies where the fundamentals are not very transparent. Please learn the basics and technicals of the stock market to avoid such disastrous investments in the future. Even if you get your purchase price back, it won’t be worth it, as these stocks might have given you many sleepless nights! It is therefore advised that you invest in frontline blue chip stocks where transparency is not an issue and where growth too is visible. Atleast you will not lose out completely and you can feel safer.

As far as discount for the fees is concerned, it won’t be possible as this is already a discounted rate. You can check out what fees are charged elsewhere. The fees are almost more than double. Plus, there is no reputed faculty who devotes proper attention and time to students. Also sometimes the knowledge of the faculty too leaves a lot to be desired. So please don’t ask for discounts, I am sure you will be getting much more than your monies worth. See you.




Dear Jatin,

I am your true follower. Whatever you say, I just buy it. I bought Zee News, based on your recommendation at 61 and surprisingly is not going anywhere. Please can you suggest me the targets and stoploss. Bless me, Sir.


Ur true fan,


JATIN Replies:

Gayatri, Zee News is hovering between 60 and 62 for sometime now. But I feel, the stock has given a buy signal and the targets will be 67 and then 73 over the short term. The targets will be valid as long as the stock stays above 60.

I require blessings from all of my readers and followers as I believe that my success is only because of blessings of you all. For all of you, including you Gayatri, my best wishes will always with you.



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