Article : ASK JATIN - 21/12/07

ASK JATIN – 21/12/2007

Dear Mr. Jatin,

I am one of the readers of Informed Investor since last year. Should admit that most of the counters recommended by your team reaching the targets. I am holding 3000 shares of M/s. Teledata Informatics Ltd since 2006, the average rate is Rs.40. The counter is under de-merger into three entities. The allotment is equal to 1:1 under de-merger. Allotment is under process. What is your view about this counter. I wish to exit this counter ( if expected a downswing), so can you suggest me that as soon as get listed, should I exit this counter + two entities. If an upswing is expected in these 3 counters in a short span ( 06m) I am ready to hold it. Pls advise.


Anilen V K

JATIN replies:

Dear Anilen,

Thanks for writing in and applauding the efforts made by me and my team. We work hard for the sake of small and retail investors so that we are able to give them the right guidance. As far as Teledata is concerned, one would do well to remember the history when it was quoting at a throwaway price, the reason being the management not being transparent and the results were always looked with a shadow of doubt. But things changed after it received big government orders. So now it is being looked upon optimistically. Atleast when all the three companies shares list, you would certainly receive some listing benefit and you can sell part of your holding and the rest you can decide after seeing how the company performs going forward.



Dear Jatin,

As I am living in Chennai and I am regularly reading yours Informed Investor. Your week recommendation is very good but I am getting that lately. What is the solution for to get early this weekly recommendation. If there is other way to read this weekly recommendation please mail me. Last week i bought a share from Nagarjuna Fertilizer for Rs. 83. I request you to tell to Sell this Share or to hold this share.

Important : What is the way to get weekly recommendation on Monday before opening the Market. And I request to please mail me.


Babu Padmanabhan- Chennai.


Dear Babu,

Thanks for complimenting me on my weekly recommendations. It is disheartening to know that you are not able to get the weekly information on time. What you can do is become a direct member with the paper itself and you will be given an online password. Generally the site is updated with weekly information by friday night or saturday morning. So you will be able to satisfy the need for timely information.

As far as Nag fert is concerned, it has already triggered the stoploss of 80 and now the next support is around 73. Keep a stoploss of 73 on closing basis and wait for the price to move up.



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